DreamWorks Unveils Terrifying Sneak Peek of Eli Roth's Animated Horror Series "Fright Krewe"

 Los Angeles, CA - June 10, 2023 - DreamWorks Animation has unveiled an exclusive first look at their highly anticipated teen horror animated series, "Fright Krewe," directed by renowned filmmaker Eli Roth. The sneak peek, released today, offers a thrilling glimpse into a world where supernatural mysteries and teenage camaraderie collide.

"Fright Krewe" takes viewers on a captivating journey filled with suspense, humor, and friendship. Set in the mysterious town of Ravenswood, the show follows a group of four teenagers who form an unlikely alliance to confront the dark forces plaguing their community. Together, they become the titular Fright Krewe, a team of supernatural sleuths on a mission to uncover the town's chilling secrets.

The first look at "Fright Krewe" showcases the distinctive visual style that DreamWorks Animation is renowned for. The series presents a vibrant and atmospheric world, blending horror elements with a dose of humor, offering a unique animated experience for both horror enthusiasts and young audiences alike.

Eli Roth, known for his work on live-action horror films such as "Hostel" and "Cabin Fever," makes his directorial debut in the animation realm with "Fright Krewe." Roth's expertise in the horror genre promises to bring an innovative and thrilling edge to the series, as he explores the realm of animated storytelling.

Commenting on the series, Eli Roth said, "I'm thrilled to be collaborating with DreamWorks Animation on 'Fright Krewe.' This show combines my passion for horror with the limitless creativity of animation, allowing us to push the boundaries of what's possible. We're excited to introduce viewers to a group of characters who not only face their fears but also discover the power of friendship in the face of darkness."

"Fright Krewe" is part of DreamWorks Animation's ongoing commitment to delivering diverse and compelling content for audiences of all ages. The series joins an impressive lineup of animated shows that have captivated viewers around the globe, including DreamWorks' other successful franchises such as "How to Train Your Dragon," "Trolls," and "Kung Fu Panda."

DreamWorks Animation, known for its innovative storytelling and memorable characters, continues to push the boundaries of animation through collaborations with visionary filmmakers. With "Fright Krewe," the studio aims to offer a unique blend of horror and animation, showcasing their commitment to exploring new genres and captivating audiences worldwide.

"Fright Krewe" is set to premiere on DreamWorks Animation's streaming platform, DreamWorks+, in the fall of 2023. Fans can stay tuned for further updates and exclusive content leading up to the series' highly anticipated debut.

About DreamWorks Animation:

DreamWorks Animation is a leading animation studio and subsidiary of Universal Pictures. With a rich history of producing beloved animated films and television shows, DreamWorks Animation is committed to delivering compelling storytelling and memorable characters to audiences of all ages.

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