Kiersey Clemons Opens Up: The Flash's Iris West Journey Filled with Tears Instead of Laughter


In a candid and revealing interview, actress Kiersey Clemons, known for her role as Iris West in the upcoming film "The Flash," opened up about her challenging experience within the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Clemons shared that her journey in the superhero franchise has been filled with more tears than laughter, leaving her feeling humiliated at times.

Speaking with renowned entertainment magazine, Clemons discussed the ups and downs she has encountered during her involvement in the DCEU. Despite being initially excited about joining the franchise, the actress admitted that the reality of her experience has been far from what she expected.

Clemons disclosed that her first encounter with the DCEU was in 2016 when she was cast as Iris West in "Justice League." However, her scenes were ultimately cut from the theatrical release, leaving her and fans disappointed. The actress described this moment as particularly challenging, as she had poured her heart and soul into the role.

The emotional rollercoaster continued when Clemons was later confirmed to reprise her role as Iris West in "The Flash." However, due to numerous delays and creative changes within the production, Clemons found herself waiting in uncertainty for a substantial period, which took a toll on her mental and emotional well-being.

Reflecting on her journey, Clemons revealed, "It's been more crying than laughing, to be honest. The constant delays and setbacks have been emotionally draining. I felt humiliated at times, questioning my own worth as an actress."

Despite the challenging experiences, Clemons expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to portray the beloved character of Iris West. She emphasized her admiration for the character's strength, intelligence, and importance as a role model for young women.

Clemons also praised director Andy Muschietti and the current creative team behind "The Flash" for their dedication and efforts to bring the film to fruition. She acknowledged their determination to create a meaningful and impactful story that respects the characters and their arcs.

With "The Flash" now set to release in the near future, Clemons hopes that her portrayal of Iris West will finally receive the recognition it deserves. She expressed her desire for fans to see the hard work and dedication she has put into the role, as well as the emotional toll it has taken on her.

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of "The Flash," Kiersey Clemons's heartfelt revelations shed light on the challenges faced by actors within the DCEU. Her candid remarks remind us of the human side of the entertainment industry, where even the most talented and dedicated performers can face struggles and disappointment.

"The Flash" is slated to hit theaters on [release date], where audiences will witness Clemons's portrayal of Iris West alongside Ezra Miller's Barry Allen. Fans remain hopeful that her journey will ultimately yield a triumphant and fulfilling outcome, both for the actress and the beloved character she brings to life on the big screen.

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